A Recap of Sleep Sherpa’s Molekule Air Purifier Review.

The article Molekule Air Purifier Review. Is it Worth It? By Sleep Sherpa gives a detailed review of the new Molekule Air Purifier. From the beginning, Sherpa asserts the Molekule’s unique nature, specifically the fact that it comes standard with a Photo Electrochemical Oxidation filter. PECO is an innovative air filtration technology that is designed to control indoor allergens circulation. Apart from capturing particles, it also captures organic materials that would otherwise escape a typical filter.

Sherpa covers virtually everything related to the Molekule Air Purifier, from the ordering process via the official website to the cost and even the setup. According to the author, get started is super easy. All you need to do is simply download the app from the Play Store or iTunes Store if you use an I-phone. Setting up the Molekule is also relatively easy because the app guides you throughout the process. Lastly, Sherpa points a few downsides; for example, you can only order the Molekule Air Purifier via the company’s official website. Also, the Molekule works best when the lights are on, which is not ideal for most people when sleeping. Overall, Sherpa offers adequate information to positively influence the buying process, although the high price tag of $799 might discourage most people. Even Sherpa admits the Molekule is currently one of the most expensive air purifiers in the market.

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