About Sparkasse Bank Malta Plc

It is a public limited company registered in country named Malta with registration number reading as C27152 and its office registered at 101 Townsquare, ix-Xatt ta’ Qui-si-sana, Silema SLM112, Malta. Sparkasse bank Malta is licensed by the Malta financial authority to run the finance business under the banking terms of the banking act(Cap.371 of the laws of Malta). Some of the services offered by the Sparkasse bank Malta include depositary and custody in two countries Malta and Ireland under these licenses; Malta financial services authority dealing with all types of collective investments schemes and central bank of Ireland offering depositary to Irish authorized investment funds. Sparkasse bank Malta has been providing these services since 2008 and it has continued to improve and invest in its systems and infrastructure through establishing a dedicated team of professionals purely dealing with depositary and custody services.

Under depositary and custody services such as safekeeping of assets for example financial assets are safely kept in the sparkasse bank Malta within the trusted network of custodian and the non-financial assets are kept through recording which allows it to follow strict verification to determine its owner in cases where ownership has issues. Under the financial assets all cash flow movements are monitored and traced well and therefore reconciled in the line with the activity of the account. Under the non-financial assets mechanism such as a oversight duties are applied where obligations performed under the well laid down principles and guidelines are followed by using available documentation.

Investment service there is availed trade desk which enables investors to acquire the necessary knowledge for the appropriate investing of their funds. Under these desks customers are able to access the banks information which give them power for the purpose of execution of trades in transferable securities, units in the collective investments schemes and even the money market instruments. Read more here: https://newsbook.com.mt/en/malta-bankers-association-video-raises-awareness-on-modern-slavery-and-human-trafficking/