Alejandro Betancourt, President of Hawkers Supporting the Brand

Alejandro Betancourt is not only the Hawkers Co. president but the maven who turned casual with sunglasses into serious and fashion-forward. He created a design formula that can be used by any company to be more daring. “If you can’t do it, don’t even think about it, because you won’t do it correctly. If you are trying to do something design-wise, think about it, do it and it will look good,” Alejandro Betancourt says.

“I love what I do. I like this pressure and this challenge. The sales executive who became the brand’s CEO and president is just that; a businessman who likes his work and knows there’s no such thing as retirement. The brand’s success came naturally. It was a natural fit between Alejandro Betancourt producing the best frames on the market and with the best materials. Their name shows it is the brand for everyone, from 18 to 70 years, and from every background.

Hawkers’ distinctive personality has been found in every aspect of the company’s actions and working methods since its inception in September 2013. Based on the profound personal experiences, the consciousness of the products, and its fierce pursuit of excellence, the firm is committed to fulfilling its mission to become the best sunglasses brand. “We are a great source of inspiration for anyone who enjoys creating,” noted Alejandro Betancourt.

Unlike most manufacturers, the firm does not rely on a third party to visionaries that’s been granted the means to purchase fashionable, affordable sunglasses. “There are different ways to follow your passions and make an impact,” said Alejandro Betancourt, owner of Hawkers Co. and prominent man of vision. “Partnering with a highly-skilled manufacturer and streamlining the supply chain are key parts of that process.”

In this case, Betancourt partnered with Micro Optic Inc., a subsidiary of Primax Optical, to maximize efficiency and brand image. “We can use our more than 30 years of experience to continue to innovate in manufacturing new frames and materials to improve the quality of our products.” The partnership is also designed to expand the brand product range and increase the availability of the frames they carry, which are now polarized.