Citizen App Creator and Venture into Entrepreneurship 

Andrew Frame is the founder of Ooma, consumer telecommunications company recently launched Citizen App. citizen app is a mobile application that provides video and audio conference calling for free. With this service, users can talk to anyone in the world without worrying about the cost of minutes or data usage. He left Silicon Valley for Dallas where he founded his first company, TransPacket Networks.

His company, citizen app

Citizen App is an exciting app that tracks every move you make, in a completely anonymous way, by tying all of your information together with other people’s. It works by cross referencing information in social media, travel sites and Foursquare in order to predict where you’re going to be before you are. It uses this data in combination with your location and time zone to identify, using over 100 secret “fitness models”, where you will be on any given day and it can tell you if you are most likely to take a jog around a certain neighborhood.

If you are in the area it has identified for a run, it will show you exactly where to go. What inspired you to start the app?

Andrew Frame: As a recent transplant to Los Angeles, I felt like I didn’t know anything about my new neighborhood.

Andrew’s Early Life

Andrew: At Las Vegas there was a definite economic advantage to being born in Las Vegas. No, it wasn’t the casino world but it was certainly easy to run a business. I was the youngest of seven and we were extremely close. My family lived in a trailer park which actually had access to the electrical grid. This allowed me to charge my Nintendo DS from the electrical grid with no need to go to the store and pay for electricity. Andrew Frame: It’s fascinating how an advantage like this can be squandered by someone who grows up too fast. As a teenager, that choice was pretty clear. See this article to learn more.


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