Edgard Corona and Smart Fit Expansion

Edgard Corona is the guy behind the Smart Fit company. It currently has over 2 million students, complete with a plan to expand throughout 2021. Smart Fit is one of the largest networks of gyms in Brazil, one of the largest in Latin America, and around the 5th largest in the country. In 2002, Smart Fit was growing constantly.

You could actually see the growth of Edgard Corona and his company exemplified daily. There was a new unit opening something like every 16 hours.

In 2021, they had to temporarily suspend some operations, but now they are growing more than ever, having adapted to the current problem perfectly. There are around 2.1 million students in 12 countries who have gyms. They are ready for another boom in expansion, and many of them are more than ready to get back to physical activity after going through a vaccination.

Exercise is a big need in Brazil, and many Brazilians are very urgently awaiting to get back to it again. The company still has R$1.3 billion in cash to use to make sure its gyms keep their high standard. It still has a majority of its gyms open, nearly 80 percent, while still making sure to comply with the rules of whatever local place they are in, including sanitary guidelines, service capacity, when they are allowed to open, and more.

The company has managed to maintain its loyal customers properly because of its ability to adapt during difficult times. One way that Edgard Corona has done this is through online training classes that allow students to train even when they are at home.

Edgard Corona make sure his companies are always innovating and making sure to keep the highest standards and go with the guidelines of any area that applies to them at all times, no matter what is happening.

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