Edgard Corona Taking Over as Fitness King

Smartfit CEO Edgard Corona is taking the Latin fitness world by storm. Coming from a family sugar mill business in Sao Paulo, Corona always knew he would become an entrepreneur.

Coming from two businesses that he sold to work on his family’s sugar mill, Edgard Corona suffered a skiing accident where this led him to do physiotherapy at his local gym.

This gym lost money over 12 years until Edgard Corona figured out that they were going to lose the gym. Changes were implemented at the gym, however, they inevitably lost the gym.

This led him to learn that with every good business there is a learning curve. A CEO can never throw too much money into a business. There will be bad times and good times but things will level out if the product and service are good.

Afterward, Corona tried again with another gym near colleges that were easy to get to. This led to him learning the ins and out of doing business. With his partners, Corona hired an American advisor who help them to increase their conversion rate from 10 percent to 35 percent.

Next, they hired an Australian who changed their business model. Knowing people hate going to the gym, they figured when people first enter their gym the experience and atmosphere had to be right.

So they set out to accomplish this by hiring new employees to the look and feel of the gym. The business was then further improved by modeling it after the Planet Fitness model to know more click here.