Kate Hudson Winning with Fabletics

Brands like Fabletics are taking advantage of something that is improving their name recognition as well as their bottom line. The power of the crowd is key and this is done with honest customer reviews. More and more studies show businesses that the key to their success is not by spending more on advertising but by making a great product that’s going to have positive reviews from its customers.


Customers appear to trust reviews more than almost anything. The frequency of customers looking for reviews and researching only reviews when investigating what product or brand to buy has increased greatly. Fabletics has managed to leverage this concept of “power of the crowd.”


Since search engine rankings improve with better reviews, Fabletics focused on responding to all their reviews from their customers. In particular, they responded to reviews posted on Trustpilot, a review site. By utilizing this strategy, they were able to retain customers for repeat business and they gained new customers. By understanding reviews, improvements were able to be implemented, also helping to gain repeat business.


Kate Hudson will always remain an actor, an artist, she has been quite successful with her role as a businesswoman, leading the athleisure brand Fabletics. Her approachable character and her down to earth methods have helped to foster the growth and success of Fabletics since 2013. Today, the company is valued at $250 million.


Kate was known to most Americans at Goldie Hawn’s daughter and for her dynamic role in “Almost Famous” about a young reporter who travels with a rock band. She would later go on to play in a variety of films, including romantic comedies. Her easy going and authenticity made her the perfect match for partnering with TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


Kate actually enjoys the brand and her style requires a genuine liking for the athleisure wear. She was involved in a direct way from the beginning. Kate was also committed to making sure the clothes were of the best quality and cost. She also included a Lifestyle Quiz that works to match customers with the best gear for their needs. Definitely, take the quiz yourself to discover more. Her commitment to customer service was exactly what helped the company get over their initial stumbling blocks. Today, Athletics is only moving up and forward.