The Amicus Therapeutics Helping With Rare Illnesses

Amicus Therapeutics is a company of bio pharmacy that is found in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company has its primary focus on the rare and orphan diseases. They mostly focus on the disorders that are collectively known as lysosomal storage. They have led to the development of the therapies for enzyme replacement. In the year 2007, the company went public when it was under the FOLD trading symbol of NASDAQ ( This was after a planned withdrawal in the year 2006. Several venture capital companies funded the firm. These companies include the Radius Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.


Amicus Therapeutics is a company that is committed to providing some contributions to assist the healthcare organizations for professional and patient programs. They have a shared purpose to improve the public health, the outcome and the experience of the patients. The Amicus Therapeutics firm does not receive any value that is of significance regarding the service and goods for the charitable support they provide.


Amicus Therapeutics has a patient advocacy collaborates with the organizations that deal with patients. They also form collaborations with the patients themselves and also those who provide care to the patients. The company has some initiatives in place that aims at empowering and to ease the difficulty that those that have rare diseases tend to experience. Amicus Therapeutics also tries to provide healing that goes beyond the disease. It also seeks to offer the patients to access of resources and services in their illness experience.


The Amicus Therapeutics firm has extended access to their drugs. They offer this mostly through the authorization of marketing. The company does not yet have the products available through the traditional methods. Before this is available, the firm has some carefully designed paths where people can get to their investigational drugs. For patients to use these drugs, they are encouraged to understand how safe and efficient the drug is (GoogleFinance). The patient should also know the benefits and risks that are involved. These are factors that the company includes the regulatory authorities to help them determine. Those patients who are willing to help and have the qualifications needed are the able to participate in these clinical studies.