Achievements of Daniel Taub as Israeli diplomat in the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub will go down in history as the best diplomat to have represented Israel in the United Kingdom. His achievements in the office of the ambassador are to be admired. He executed his role of ambassador in the best way he could. He left the position of the ambassador proud of his achievements. He gave his all in ensuring that the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom improved. Before he joined the office of the ambassador, there was just normal cooperation between the two countries. By the time he was leaving, it was clear to all that he meant business. He left the countries in a very good position in terms of cooperation.



Daniel Taub served between 2011 and 2015. His role in the position of the ambassador ushered in a new era of cooperation between Israel and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub made sure that he left a mark of excellence in the ties between the two countries. His work as the ambassador was to ensure that the two countries had a cordial relationship that saw the two countries make improvements in areas that were of mutual interests. Trade was the biggest beneficiary of his tenure. Trade records showed that the improvements reached to over $7 billion in a year. Never before have there been such successful trades between the two countries. Daniel Taub expressed his delight in managing the relations between the two countries. He is proud of his work as a diplomat in the United Kingdom which is the country of his origin.



Daniel Taub was born in 1962. He was born in the United Kingdom. He only moved to Israel in his adult life. When he moved to Israel in 1989, he was forced to change his citizenship. He worked in the Israeli Defense Forces as a medic officer. He also served in the international law division before being moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he worked for the rest of his career life.



Daniel Taub left no doubt in the mind of the Jews living in the United Kingdom that he was aware of his responsibilities as a diplomat. He ensured that no Jew in the country was discriminated due to Israeli stance on various issues of conflict resolution in the Middle East. He led the community from the front in ensuring that no one barred the rights of Jews living in the country. He is truly the best diplomat to have ever represented Israeli in the United Kingdom.


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