Get Great Securus Technology From Customer Comments

How many times have you been a victim of expensive inmate calling surcharges? Did you know some customers make their customers pay for pricey celebrity advertisements through huge fees? As an answer to a stabilized network, Securus Technologies no longer represents the network as a regulation provider of other networks, but rather an independent telecommunication provider. Their customers are proud to be a part of a network with a American Correctional Association. Their customers have given actual testimonial of features and services to other users discreetly on their website forum. Enjoy features other networks don’t have because their behind in technology.


Securus Technologies Preferred Services


You can use the Securus voicemail feature to say hello or legal counsel can prepare an inmate for a upcoming court hearing. You need their state issued id number, pay a small fee, and you can leave a facility approved message anytime. You can get the benefit of having a low cost way to communicate with an inmate. This remains one of their most popular features at Securus.


– online photos

inmate email

– prepaid services

– crime prevention forum

– email stamps

– 24 hour live customer support


Join the Securus Technologies family today and enjoy a truly trusted network.


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