Jeremy Goldstein believes that there is a workable solution for Employment Incentives over Dumping

Jeremy Goldstein, a practicing lawyer in New York City is no doubt a knowledgeable lawyer with close to 20 years of experience. He studied Juris Doctor Law in the New York University School of Law, from 1996 to 1999. He started his law profession in 1999 as an associate in Shearman And Sterling LLP. After one year, Attorney Goldstein joined to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz Firm as a partner, where he was actively involved in the executive compensation practice of the firm and other compensation related areas. He worked there for 14 years after which he founded his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, in June 2014.

This firm in which Jeremy is a partner is dedicated to offering advice on corporate governance matters and executive compensation to CEOs, Corporations, compensation committees, and management teams. His involvement in several large corporate transactions such as Duke Energy, Verizon Wireless, United Technologies acquiring Goodrich, among others, has earned him recognition in giving advice about EPS usage, and more incentive-based programs.

Goldstein has therefore been helping corporations develop a sustainable economic environment, and reduce the chance of losing their businesses.

When referring to the handling of employees incentives, Earning per Share (EPS) are largely a good thing. EPS is probably the biggest influencer in stock price, for shareholders. It drives the sale or buying of stock shares by shareholders as well as providing companies with incentives to increase payout amount made per employee. Including EPS as a part of a company’s overall pay structure has been found to increase their success as per some recent studies. Though the EPS may look advantageous when included in the company’s strategy at first, the competitiveness of trading and shares, may at times allow existing bodies to sway EPS to a negative aspect.

Those against EPS have said that EPS use is likely to bring favoritism to companies CEOs, by giving the CEOs and executives excessive power over the performance of the metrics by the EPS which distort the accuracy of the results. They fail to offer collective control since the top executives drive the share sales by giving biased results, which is not only misleading but also illegal. Others say that these performance-based pay programs are unreliable, non-sustainable, and dynamic.

Mr. Goldstein, however, advice there be an adjustment between the pro- and anti- EPS proponents recommended actions. That rather than discarding the pay per performance, yet it has its good side, a way be derived to hold companies’ executives and CEOs responsible for their conducts. Goldstein recommends that these programs be streamlined to ensure they provide ground for the long-term, continuous, and repeatable growth of companies and shares.


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Gregory Aziz Continues to Make the Impossible Possible

Getting into a dying industry is not something that most investors would take lightly. Now, with a focus on green products and increased efficiency, railroads are not quite at the top of everyone’s list for industries that will continue to thrive. Even in the early 1990s, people started to see a decline in rail traffic and the need for these large and costly machines. None of this deterred Greg Aziz, however, and he has now turned a small investment in the industry into a multi-million-dollar venture.


Gregory James Aziz has always been a good businessman. After graduating from Western University in Ontario, he joined his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. This company focused on the import, repackaging, and then sales of foods to the Canadian market. Over the next 16 years, Aziz attempted to shake the business up and grow it. He started an import business in South America and Europe, increasing the capacity of Affiliated Foods. He then used his business acumen to build relationships and start sales internationally to the United States. He grew this business and made it extremely successful in the food space.


In 1994, after a decade of working as an investment banker and taking part in several investment opportunities, Gregory James Aziz decided that it was time to go into business for himself. He used his money made from investments to purchase National Steel Car, a manufacturer of rolling stock and freight rail cars in Canada, from its previous owner. Aziz had his work cut out for him. After several years of changing hands through acquisitions and purchases, National Steel Car was simply a conglomerate of disconnected manufacturing facilities with employees that had no clear vision to work with. Greg Aziz changed this.


Over the next several years, Gregory Aziz pushed millions of dollars into the company for capital improvements. He increased the workforce and the production capacity of the Company by over 300 percent. Gregory James Aziz used his knowledge of the industry to work with suppliers and customers to get his Company lucrative contracts. Throughout his tenure, Greg Aziz continued to focus on making National Steel Car the leader in engineering capabilities. After several disasters and wrecks on Canadian and American rail lines, Aziz continued to focus on engineering and safety, making NSC one of the first companies to win several awards for quality. View Related Info Here.


Gregory Aziz took National Steel Car from being a relatively unknown rail car company to a corporation bringing in over $200 million in revenue each year. He will continue to grow his company and throw his profits in the face of all those who told him this purchase was a bad idea.



National Steel Cars – 100 Years

National Steel Car is the thriving Canadian business that it is today thanks to the hard work and determination of their longtime Chief Executive Officer, Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz served so well as CEO that upon his retirement, if you can even call it that, he became the Chairman of the Board and now serves at the pleasure of the current CEO. During his time at the head of National Steel Car, he also served as the Chairman over at National Industries.


Greg James Aziz knows how Canadian businesses work since he was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Through his wise leadership and use of business practices, National Steel Car has been in business for over 100 years. Greg Aziz thanks his time Western University for preparing him to take over at National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz led Nation Steel Car to success by spreading a vision of excellence throughout ever corner of the company. Every person was to push forward and become innovative. The executive team was to think about innovation. The engineering team was to think about innovation. The management team was to think about innovation. Even the janitor, was to think in innovation. Once innovation permeated the company, National Steel Car began to dominate the industry.

This innovation led National Steel Car to create custom products they never thought possible. This led to rail cars that could travel faster, journey further, and hold more than any competing rail car. In fact, the rail cars at National Steel Car produces 90% fewer gas emissions and consumed 50% less water than the closest competition. When it came time for the government to give out contracts, you bet they went with the one who was more mindful of the environment.

Such wise business practices led to National Steel Car being in business for over 100 years. During its first-ever centennial celebration, Gregory James Aziz spoke on behalf of National Steel Car. He thanked the countless workers who dedicated their lives to National Steel Car. He thanked the executives who worked with him to cast and implement vision. He thanked the suppliers for custom making products so that they could custom make rail cars. Lastly, he thanked the customer for always believing in National Steel Car.  Go To This Page for more information.


Gregory James Aziz would step down and become a liaison between the railway manufacturers and the Canadian parliament and helped them implement policy.

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Dick DeVos: An Agent of Change in the Business World

Dick DeVos has been fighting the good fight to drive institutional change in local politics since the early 1990s. He and his wife, Betsy, have leveraged their positions in the business community and their considerable resources to push back against the tired policies that local and state government officials wanted to enact. They’ve made progress in these efforts over the years, helping to reform local education and investment policies.


It all started in 1991 when the City of Grand Rapids began considering a plan to create a downtown sports arena. Dick DeVos was quick to realize it was a bad idea. He’s seen what happened to Detroit’s city finances before when the Lions and the Pistons abandoned the city in the 1970s, leaving the local government with a hole in its budget.


DeVos lead a lobbying initiative among the Grand Rapids business community called Grand Action. The group didn’t stop with defeating the ill-conceived sports arena proposal, though. It went on to be the driving force behind several successful projects that have helped revitalize Grand Rapids’ downtown. These included the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, and Michigan State University’s medical school. Over the years, these projects have redrawn Grand Rapids’ skyline and put a leash on its trend towards suburban sprawl.


In the meantime, Betsy DeVos was leading efforts to liberalize public education in Michigan by advocating for school vouchers and charter schools, and Dick DeVos has pitched his own efforts towards those causes. Drawing from his own passion for piloting, he worked to see the West Michigan Aviation Academy open its doors in 2010 at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school began with only 80 students but has grown since then to serve over 600 from surrounding counties.


The DeVoses also created the Great Lakes Education Project to advocate for school choice. Just this last year, the Project led an effort to block a proposal in Michigan to form a commission for decision-making regarding charter school openings.


Dick DeVos’s interest in aviation, however, hasn’t stopped at education reform. He was recently chosen by the Trump Administration to fill a seat at the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. In that position, DeVos will be able to lend his unique vision for reform in aviation as the Council plans the course for the FAA over the next three years.


A big part of the reason for that appointment was Dick’s role in saving the Gerald R. Ford International Airport when it looked to be in a downward spiral. He worked with a group of businessmen like himself to persuade Southwest Airlines into adding routes to the airport from Grand Rapids. The added commuter traffic was just what was needed at the time to reduce airfares and give the Gerald R. Ford International Airport the visibility it needed to become more successful. Learn more:


David McDonald: A Business Leader of Distinction

David McDonald is the COO and president of OSI Group, LLC. Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a worldwide leader in the food supplying industry. They provide value-added meat and other food products, including beef patties, sausage links, pizza, sandwiches, and more. They do this to retail brands and food service outlets globally. Also, they operate in 17 (and counting) countries with over 50 facilities.

McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He is an OSI Group board of directors member, and he is the director of the OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia. He earned a degree from Iowa State University in animal science.

His Past Positions

At OSI Industries, McDonald had a previous position as a project manager. And from December 2008 after the acquisition of the OSI Group operations in Brazil and Europe by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos until June 2017, he was the independent director.

Article with

A few years ago, McDonald did an article with In mentioning key factors that make an organization successful, he said the following: His company is very well positioned because they have a global network consisting of plants and organizations worldwide. Also, China has been a real focus for various reasons. For one, it continually is the biggest growing consumer market globally. Secondly, this market is growing more affluently.

Another key factor for his company’s continual growth is the announcement of their new plant in Geneva, Illinois the previous year. This new plant produces private and brand labeled frozen entrees. They also recently added a large cold storage area and a high capacity production line to their OSI Food Solutions Hungary division in Bábolna. As a result, the production capacity has more than tripled in processing quality chicken products. OSI Group also routinely engages food quality and safety processes with equipment manufacturers, such as x-ray equipment built into machines to detect foreign particles. Additionally, they participate more actively with their agriculture suppliers to monitor the status of the growth of their products.

In addition to product development, McDonald stated that providing more to their customers is vital. So, they partner with clients and suppliers to determine what products need to grow their business. And with the changing trends of customers becoming more sophisticated and demanding with food choices, including organic and natural, healthy yet tasty, and affordable versus premium, the partnering process is even more necessary to deliver what consumers want.

U.S. Money Reserve Holds Emergency Financial Strategy Conference

The U.S. Money Reserve is concerned enough to hold an emergency meeting to discuss a variety of upcoming and existing crises. These crises include situations such as terrorism and attacks. The conference conversations will include the national debt crisis.


Philip N. Diehl, the Money Reserve president, will discuss with the guest ways that they can protect themselves during these upcoming times of financial crisis. During his speeches, he will mention the value of gold and how it can bring wealth even if other things should crumble. Diehl is also going to read some of the information from the U.S. Gold Report. He’ll share with the listeners some of the most crucial reasons to own at least some gold.


Diehl is committed to helping people understand the value of gold and how it can be an alternative form of income or wealth as well as some protection for people who are concerned about impending money system collapses. He’s dedicated to open citizens’ eyes so that they can make smart moves before something happens rather than waiting until it hits their families. The conference is going to open to only invited guests, and it will occur in Austin, Texas.


The U.S. Money Reserve is a company that distributes precious metals. In fact, it’s one of the largest distributors that exist. Its goal is to help hardworking individuals to transition portions of their ever-declining paper currency to the precious metals. The company provides a wealth of educational information about IRAs, the process of gold buying and news about the industry. The U.S. Money Reserve also gives back to the community by engaging in charitable donations on a frequent basis. They’ve donated to organizations such as Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Austin Zoo, Pets Alive and more.


People who have either done business with or received information from the organization have had nothing but positive words to say about it. One client said that the organization was trustworthy and had a true sense of business prowess. Another client said that the professionals at U.S. Money Reserve taught him how to get in the driver’s seat and take control of his money. This is the kind of help that citizens need. They need to learn how to survive through the peaks and valleys of life. The U.S. Money Reserve has created a group of happy people and will continue to do so for the duration.

Get Great Securus Technology From Customer Comments

How many times have you been a victim of expensive inmate calling surcharges? Did you know some customers make their customers pay for pricey celebrity advertisements through huge fees? As an answer to a stabilized network, Securus Technologies no longer represents the network as a regulation provider of other networks, but rather an independent telecommunication provider. Their customers are proud to be a part of a network with a American Correctional Association. Their customers have given actual testimonial of features and services to other users discreetly on their website forum. Enjoy features other networks don’t have because their behind in technology.


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Banco Bradesco Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Expert Leadership

Lazaro de Mello Brandao is one of the globe’s oldest serving bank chairmen. Having served at Banco Bradesco for over two decades, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, who is currently 91 years, chose to resign from this position prompting a succession contest within the staff of Brazil’s second-largest bank by market value.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently told correspondents that Brazil’s Banco Bradesco SA is likely to pick one its current staff to take on the Chief Executive Officer position. He adds that the name of the new Chief Executive Officer will be made public a month before the bank’s shareholder assembly in March. Lazaro de Mello Brandao is said to be temporarily replaced by the current Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who will simultaneously serve as the CEO and Bank Chairman until March. Following a regulatory filing Tuesday the Private lender firm will vote in a new Chief Executive Officer that same month.

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, the former president, encouraged a management tradition which was in favor of executives getting promoted from within the organization as compared to hiring fresh talent from outside, a culture that is still in process as the search of the Chief Executive Officer replacement is still on. The bank is said to choose from a list of 7 top-ranking executives who are deemed with high respect and have an understanding of the matter at hand. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi feels that the new choice for Chief Executive Officer should hold high regard for Bradesco’s present talent pool, which is something he expressed at a recent media event. Bradesco amended its local law to increase the maximum age of Chief Executive Officers by two years leaving Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi very little time to come up with his successor.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the president of the 2nd largest Brazilian private bank Banco Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started out his career at Banco Bradesco during his teenage days when he served as a clerk. He labored his way to the marketing director position which took him over a decade of performing several tasks assigned to him. He helped the bank’s communication gain recognition as updated and he even managed to build a greater relationship with the media during his incumbency. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi supervised the bank’s marketing for almost a decade before landing the CEO position at Bradesco- the private firm centered on offering private pension.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was voted in managing director of Banco Bradesco in 1998, and he took on the executive vice president role the following year. He became the president of Bradesco Seguros in 2003, and he managed to double the company size as well as reinforce its authority in the nation. Consequently, the company increased its performance by 10% making it the largest insurance company in Latin America. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also initiated the launch of Bradesco’s shares on New York Stock Exchange in addition to holding one of the most significant marketing activity- The Lagoa Christmas Tree which was financed by Bradesco Seguros for two continuous decades.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi led the purchase of HSBC in 2015 which is deemed the greatest acquisition in the Banks history with Isto E Dinheiro naming him the Entrepreneur of the Year in finance. Having built a successful career for over four decades serving various positions in the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was designated President of the Bank which made him the 4th president since the founder Amador Aguiar passed on in 1991. He also took on the Chairman of Board of directors following Lazaro de Melo Brandao’s resignation just last month, making him the third president of the Board of Directors since the bank’s formation.


Achievements of Daniel Taub as Israeli diplomat in the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub will go down in history as the best diplomat to have represented Israel in the United Kingdom. His achievements in the office of the ambassador are to be admired. He executed his role of ambassador in the best way he could. He left the position of the ambassador proud of his achievements. He gave his all in ensuring that the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom improved. Before he joined the office of the ambassador, there was just normal cooperation between the two countries. By the time he was leaving, it was clear to all that he meant business. He left the countries in a very good position in terms of cooperation.



Daniel Taub served between 2011 and 2015. His role in the position of the ambassador ushered in a new era of cooperation between Israel and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub made sure that he left a mark of excellence in the ties between the two countries. His work as the ambassador was to ensure that the two countries had a cordial relationship that saw the two countries make improvements in areas that were of mutual interests. Trade was the biggest beneficiary of his tenure. Trade records showed that the improvements reached to over $7 billion in a year. Never before have there been such successful trades between the two countries. Daniel Taub expressed his delight in managing the relations between the two countries. He is proud of his work as a diplomat in the United Kingdom which is the country of his origin.



Daniel Taub was born in 1962. He was born in the United Kingdom. He only moved to Israel in his adult life. When he moved to Israel in 1989, he was forced to change his citizenship. He worked in the Israeli Defense Forces as a medic officer. He also served in the international law division before being moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he worked for the rest of his career life.



Daniel Taub left no doubt in the mind of the Jews living in the United Kingdom that he was aware of his responsibilities as a diplomat. He ensured that no Jew in the country was discriminated due to Israeli stance on various issues of conflict resolution in the Middle East. He led the community from the front in ensuring that no one barred the rights of Jews living in the country. He is truly the best diplomat to have ever represented Israeli in the United Kingdom.


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Securus Technology Exceeds Calling Network

Securus Technologies understands how important affordable inmate calling services can be. They have served in the calling network since 1975, as a superior government regulations provider, responsible for a high level of customer service excellence in surveillance, and monitoring of inmate calls. Trust a professional to keep you connected to your love ones when it matters the most. To date, the hail as one of the top network providers in the industry with real innovative technology solutions. Their advanced network has created competitive rates $4 to $1. Their customers are guaranteed every minute under their contract agreement.


Securus Technology Features


Advanced Pay


Get remarkable advanced pay options which allow you to stay home, or never leave the office to discreetly purchase inmate calling features. Thousands of people Nationwide have a friend, or love one in a correctional facility, and should never have to locate someone for third party authorization to communicate when it matters.


Remote Visitation


If you have a compatible device, over eighteen years of age, and you’re on an inmates visiting list you can get a video visitation visit. Their high definition video, and premium sound is preferred over their competitors.


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