Gregory Aziz Continues to Make the Impossible Possible

Getting into a dying industry is not something that most investors would take lightly. Now, with a focus on green products and increased efficiency, railroads are not quite at the top of everyone’s list for industries that will continue to thrive. Even in the early 1990s, people started to see a decline in rail traffic and the need for these large and costly machines. None of this deterred Greg Aziz, however, and he has now turned a small investment in the industry into a multi-million-dollar venture.


Gregory James Aziz has always been a good businessman. After graduating from Western University in Ontario, he joined his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. This company focused on the import, repackaging, and then sales of foods to the Canadian market. Over the next 16 years, Aziz attempted to shake the business up and grow it. He started an import business in South America and Europe, increasing the capacity of Affiliated Foods. He then used his business acumen to build relationships and start sales internationally to the United States. He grew this business and made it extremely successful in the food space.


In 1994, after a decade of working as an investment banker and taking part in several investment opportunities, Gregory James Aziz decided that it was time to go into business for himself. He used his money made from investments to purchase National Steel Car, a manufacturer of rolling stock and freight rail cars in Canada, from its previous owner. Aziz had his work cut out for him. After several years of changing hands through acquisitions and purchases, National Steel Car was simply a conglomerate of disconnected manufacturing facilities with employees that had no clear vision to work with. Greg Aziz changed this.


Over the next several years, Gregory Aziz pushed millions of dollars into the company for capital improvements. He increased the workforce and the production capacity of the Company by over 300 percent. Gregory James Aziz used his knowledge of the industry to work with suppliers and customers to get his Company lucrative contracts. Throughout his tenure, Greg Aziz continued to focus on making National Steel Car the leader in engineering capabilities. After several disasters and wrecks on Canadian and American rail lines, Aziz continued to focus on engineering and safety, making NSC one of the first companies to win several awards for quality. View Related Info Here.


Gregory Aziz took National Steel Car from being a relatively unknown rail car company to a corporation bringing in over $200 million in revenue each year. He will continue to grow his company and throw his profits in the face of all those who told him this purchase was a bad idea.



National Steel Cars – 100 Years

National Steel Car is the thriving Canadian business that it is today thanks to the hard work and determination of their longtime Chief Executive Officer, Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz served so well as CEO that upon his retirement, if you can even call it that, he became the Chairman of the Board and now serves at the pleasure of the current CEO. During his time at the head of National Steel Car, he also served as the Chairman over at National Industries.


Greg James Aziz knows how Canadian businesses work since he was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Through his wise leadership and use of business practices, National Steel Car has been in business for over 100 years. Greg Aziz thanks his time Western University for preparing him to take over at National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz led Nation Steel Car to success by spreading a vision of excellence throughout ever corner of the company. Every person was to push forward and become innovative. The executive team was to think about innovation. The engineering team was to think about innovation. The management team was to think about innovation. Even the janitor, was to think in innovation. Once innovation permeated the company, National Steel Car began to dominate the industry.

This innovation led National Steel Car to create custom products they never thought possible. This led to rail cars that could travel faster, journey further, and hold more than any competing rail car. In fact, the rail cars at National Steel Car produces 90% fewer gas emissions and consumed 50% less water than the closest competition. When it came time for the government to give out contracts, you bet they went with the one who was more mindful of the environment.

Such wise business practices led to National Steel Car being in business for over 100 years. During its first-ever centennial celebration, Gregory James Aziz spoke on behalf of National Steel Car. He thanked the countless workers who dedicated their lives to National Steel Car. He thanked the executives who worked with him to cast and implement vision. He thanked the suppliers for custom making products so that they could custom make rail cars. Lastly, he thanked the customer for always believing in National Steel Car.  Go To This Page for more information.


Gregory James Aziz would step down and become a liaison between the railway manufacturers and the Canadian parliament and helped them implement policy.

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