Laura Rea Dickey On What Drove Dickey’s BBQ Restaurants To Success

While many companies have made it to the peak, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants is unique in various ways. Most family-run businesses rarely make it for more than a decade. However, Dickey’s BBQ has broken the record. It’s still in operation 80 years since its inception. But the success didn’t come coincidentally, and neither was it out of luck. The progress we see today arose from consistent hard work and applying a set of tactics in management. Besides, the founder Travis and his wife, Ollie, applied certain success principles, which their children still follow to date.

At the start, Travis succeeded due to his overwhelming commitment and flexibility, which allowed him to adapt fast to various changes in the business. Travis Dickey cleverly minimized startup costs by providing a cheap menu and working in the restaurant with his Ollie. He also prioritized offering their clients the best quality because he knew it was the sure way of retaining them. They also put all the restaurant’s space into use by renting the sign space to supplement rent payments.

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants have undergone the management of three different generations since its establishment in 1941. Laura Rea Dickey, Roland Jr.’s wife, has also made tremendous impacts on the empire. After assuming the CEO’s position, Laura focused on taking the pit to the next level. Laura Rea pointed out the following tactics that helped Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants succeed.

They Supported operating owners during the Pandemic – Laura disclosed that they lowered franchise royalties by half and gave operators cash to help them retain their workers in 2020.

They Supported the Surrounding Communities – Dickey’s Barbecue resolved to give back to the communities in all their areas of operation. They organized contributions from the restaurants and then donated them to the needy to achieve this. Through such acts, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants’ popularity grew unprecedentedly.

Unmatched flexibility – As Laura Rea Dickey net Worth puts it, the ability of a business to identify changes and respond quickly is the key to success. She argued that their company emerged the best despite the challenges because they always responded whenever needed.

Perfect Marketing Strategies – Rea Dickey agrees that one can’t earn many buyers unless they offer what they need. To survive, Dickey’s BBQ conducted several market research to establish the consumers’ specific demands.

They embraced Digital TechnologyLaura Rea Dickey uses various data analytics solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize operations and improve service delivery.


About Laura Rea Dickey

Laura is the current CEO of Dickey’s BBQ Restaurants, Inc. and Roland Jr.’s wife. Since her early career, she has won many awards following her exceptional performance in the company. Laura boasts of over 20 years of experience in IT and marketing. She has consistently applied her unique skills, providing the organization with various management solutions. Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth is growing day by day. Click here to learn more.


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