Mark Hauser Leads Deals in the Manufacturing Sector

Mark Hauser is an investor with over three decades of experience in investment banking and private equity. Hauser has also served on the boards of multiple consumer goods, food, and beverage brands. He also has experience with government-contracted security and defense businesses.

Hauser Private Equity has recently raised a $150 million fund. The fund is expected to be introduced in September. Paul Hauser and Mark are co-managing directors of the firm and have had significant success with their past funds. So far, Hauser Private Equity has invested more than $300 million in privately owned businesses. The firm also manages $600 million in various asset classes and sectors.

In addition to his focus on private equity, Mark Hauser is active in manufacturing. The two recent deals he has launched include acquiring shares of an auto parts maker and a firm providing auto dealership financing. These deals will help Hauser’s firm capture a larger share of the auto financing market. It is expected that the investment will generate more than $150 million in returns.

Mark Hauser’s private equity fund invests in various sectors and companies. He has invested in several Cincinnati companies, including Walker Edison, a manufacturer of innovative home furnishings. The company’s founders retain a significant stake in the business, but his team is now focused on expanding his reach. He is a well-known private equity investor with a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry.

Hauser Private Equity, a Cincinnati-based hybrid private equity firm, is one of the most successful in the Midwest. Hauser Private Equity generally invests with funds in the lower middle-market range. Its preferred co-investment partners are growth equity, subordinated debt, and special situations funds. Moreover, Mark Hauser focuses on direct co-investments in the manufacturing sector. Its primary focus is on the lower middle-market segment. He focuses on investments in the lower middle market in the manufacturing industry. While these investments are significant, he is still making acquisitions in the sector.