Peter Briger, the 21-century Financial Guru

Peter Briger career in the financial market is undeniably successful. Commonly known as Pete, he has established a niche for himself over the years. As a fresh graduate (both MBA and Bachelors) of business from both Pennsylvania and Princeton Universities respectively, Peter Briger was able to secure employment from one of the best companies then, Goldman Sachs. In this competitive company, he was able to raise ranks to become one of the company’s treasured assets. In his tenure in this company, Briger was able to head different committees and boards.

In 2002, he made a career shift to Fortress Investment Group. Moving to Fortress Investment Group, Briger made his best decision in his career as a pundit in the financial market. As a co-chair and a principal partner of this company, the company has increased their clients and their value of the investment they managed. As the man that oversees the credit section of this company, Briger has improved the efficiency of this vital part of the company and put the company in a position of profit making. In this department of the company, he and other three hundred financial employees mainly specialize in undervalued investments. This department’s success without any doubt has given this company the efficient and effective title.

Besides having the best career life in the financial sector, Peter Briger is a philanthropist. His passion for mentorship over the years has made him expand his mentorship from his workplace to his former university: Princeton University. As a board member in this noble course (Princeton Entrepreneurship), Briger has been able to invest in the young and potential people. Besides mentorship, Peter Briger is a believer in environmental conservation. Over the years, he has been active Central Park Conservancy supporter. With the financial injection into these conservation efforts, Central Park is without a doubt a perfect example of conservation. The year’s Peter Briger has been part of the financial world, he has received much recognition. However, the most prestigious of all is the inclusion in the Forbes 400 list (a list that acknowledges business players around the world). His strong personality and his unappalled determination are the best examples of the new financial pundits.