The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has always had a passion for philanthropy but never thought he would be on the front lines of the battle against cancer. He started out in a small MI town known as Springfield, one of the many suburbs of Detroit, & was soon acing all of his tests as he kept his eye on the ball. This is why successful entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky had a full ride to many of the premier schools in the world. 


Though he was flattered by all of the attention he was getting, he knew UM was the perfect choice for him. So he became a wolverine & did his best to keep his GPA as high as it could be. But this was not enough for him. He is one of the healthcare experts and is providing for cancer research in Chicago. So when the successful entrepreneur got out of college, Eric Lefkofsky decided he would start a company that would seek to find a cure for cancer as well as other illnesses. 


One of his advisors said he should name it tempus but he did not think it was the right fit. He soon came to realize it was & this is when his new business was born. Eric Lefkofsky began with just a few people but has since been able to expand it to more than a thousand over the years. He was not sure if he would have a lot of funds to invest in the r & d department but the good news is he was able to raise quite a bit. Eric Lefkofsky now lives in Chicago, IL. 


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