Tim Murawski, Biotechnology Specialist

Since June, 2019, Tim Murawski has specialized in augmented technology for Augmedics. Augmedics is a Chicago based company that develops medical devices for spinal surgery. Tim Murawski now holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer and President of Augmedics. With great expertise in prior positions at Medtronics, Mazor Robotics, Hansen Mountain View, Baxter International, Intuitive Surgical.


In 1996, General Surgical Innovations company, due to his knowledge of medical devices, particularly robotics and augmented reality technology, has contributed greatly to the whole advancement of surgical medical devices. Tim Murawski grew up in Chicago and attended Western Illinois University, majoring in operations management and supervision. He began his career in research and development, and sales, soon after graduation. 


His interest in medical devices has grown over the years as he prioritized his focus on the sales of needleless intravenous products. As Chief Commercial Officer and President of Augmedics, Tim Murawski is now known as an augmented biotechnology specialist in spinal surgery medical devices (Paganresearch). 

Last year, in December, the Food and Drug Administration approved Augmedic’s development of the XVS System (Xvision Spine System). Necessary funding was raised with the help of employees at Augmedics according to MddionLine. Tim Murawski explains that Xvision’s virtual reality system specialists are now able to have a 3D picture of a patient’s anatomy of their spine, which allows the specialist to have increased accuracy during implant surgery, and other types of surgical procedures.