Wes Edens Files for Name for New Prospective Las Vegas Soccer Team

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are no strangers to the world of sports. Their investments have led the best of teams out of the depths. Their help has saved many teams. Investments often do save teams that are floundering financially. Here are some of the latest events with these two investors.

Wes Edens, along with Nassef Sawiris, and a group of billionaires, filed for a trademark on a name for a perspective soccer team. If it all works out, the Major League team in Las Vegas’s name will pay homage to a combination of the franchise owner’s names. It combines Wes Edens and Sawiris.

As a co-owner of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks, he has shared a wish to bring an MLS team to the Las Vegas fans. The spokesperson for Eden has yet to comment as of Thursday. According to Don Garber, league commissioner said that the MLS is looking to expand to another franchise. Las Vegas is the potential site. Phoenix and San Diego are possible locations as well.

In fact, according to the Associated Press, the league may expand to 29 teams by 2022 or, possibly, 2023. Charlotte and St Louis are the possible additions to the league. According to rumors, Charlotte paid up to $335 million to gain the spot. This addition to the growing sports list of Las Vegas sports teams.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris will undoubtedly go on to work in the field of financier to other franchises. With any luck, Las Vegas will be the beneficiary this time with the new Major League Soccer team that the two have dubbed something that is a living legacy to the help that this dynamic duo creates.

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