Wes Edens Prominent Display of Trademarks

No doubt, soccer is one of the most popular watched sports globally. Most recently, a group featuring self-made billionaires Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens has spotlighted making soccer one popular sport in Las Vegas. Sure, the billionaires have built a solid reputation in the sports ecosystem through brands and trademarks. Brands play a vital role in nurturing value in the sports business. Solid brands often command premium prices and valuable assets that drive growth.

No doubt, trademarks lie centrally at the heart of branding. Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris are committed to augmenting their global reach by filing a trademark for the Aston Villa soccer franchise to be a probable Major League Soccer team within Las Vegas. According to the records from United States Trademark Office and Patent, “Las Vegas Villains” was initially filed by NSWE SCS featuring the initials of Edens and Sawiris. The name was anticipated to be trademarked on June 4th to give the team a badge of origin. In addition to distinguishing the team, trademarks are poised to be valid in various aspects, including sporting events.

The co-owner of the well-known NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens, is fascinated with the prospect of bringing the Major League Soccer team to Las Vegas. The sports leader presumes that trademarking will play a crucial role in building a reputation for MLS in the market. MLS is determined in gaining traction in San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. In addition to retaining and developing a solid-loyal client base, the league is expected to feature 29 teams, incorporating Charlotte in 2022 and St. Louis in 2023. Wes Edens is determined in instilling profound grounds in Las Vegas. Sure, the goodwill associated with trademarking MLS is likely to make the team a huge commercial asset.

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