Eugene Plotkin Thinks We should focus our Efforts

Eugene Plotkin says it has been more than three months now since the Russian military invaded Ukraine in early March of 2020. It started with just 30,000 troops but then grew to 200,000. Russia claimed that this invasion was designed to protect the breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk from an attack by Ukrainian forces. Ukraine claims that this invasion was an attempt to regain control of land that had been given to them by the Minsk accords that ended World War One.


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Eugene Plotkin says In 2014, Ukraine was invaded by the Russian army after Russian president Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea. Since then, there has been an ongoing war between the two countries. Despite economic sanctions and military support from the US and EU, Russia continues to wear down Ukraine’s military in the east of the country. No end is in sight for the conflict, and it may not be possible to stop the fighting any time soon.

“War is a horrid thing, not just because of the casualties, but also because it causes all sorts of other problems. One example is refugees, who are forced to flee their homes due to war. While I can understand the historical reasons for why war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, Eugene Plotkin thinks we should focus our efforts on solving the problem instead of adding fuel to it.” -Eugene Plotkin.

“Ukraine is constantly fighting the war against Russia,” says Plotkin. He explains, “While many Ukrainians remain optimistic about the future and believe that peace will prevail eventually, others are desperate and view the conflict as a life or death struggle. Many see the Ukrainian army as weak and corrupt, while the country’s leadership is often unstable and unprepared for the long-term effects of Russian aggression. As a result, Ukraine is falling further behind economically. It needs significant investment to rebuild its damaged infrastructure, and it cannot count on Russia to help because of the ongoing crisis.”

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